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NY & LA Casting Directors for Film, TV,
Commercials & Print

Union & Non-Union


DreamCasters casts Actors, Models, Dancers, Singers, VO Artists and Real People. DreamCasters is a team of casting directors & Production experts who collaborate on all aspects of the casting process.


Utilizing our stellar agent relationships and real people database, DreamCasters delivers the best and most unique individuals for films, television commercials, fashion shows, voiceovers, magazine editorials, advertising campaigns, and web.

We  offer:
- Union or Non-Union 
- Principals, Background & Celebrities
- Real People Casting 
- Experience with Babies, Kids & Teens

- On-Set Wrangling

- Talent Payment
- Producing, Filming, Post, Animation - 


NY Casting Directors - DremCasters Clietns

CONTACT US - 917.620.4150

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